DMV-based WordPress expert,
helping brands achieve digital enlightenment.

What does that mean? Simplicity. Building reliable solutions. Communicating with the humans you want to reach as a brand. Achieving real connection and then measurable results.

Progress is achieved when designers collaborate with clients to understand human problems and build sensible solutions to solve said problems. Achieving simplicity isn’t always easy or necessarily clear to us in the moment. I’m committed helping my clients reach that outcome. Are you game?


  • WordPress + Fediverse

    WordPress + Fediverse

    Recently some things have transpired in the social media sphere that have prompted a healthy chunk of us to look for new digital “3rd places” to haunt with one another. All debates around how worthwhile spending time on social media actually is aside, the WordPress community has quickly coalesced around Matthias Pfefferle‘s ActivityPub plugin and […]

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  • Modern WordPress Dev Coursework

    Modern WordPress Dev Coursework

    It’s not uncommon to see folks on Twitter these days inquiring about the best continuing education on WordPress, particularly for Full Site Editing. Here’s a small collection of the best resources out there right now. TL;DR Carolina Nymark without a doubt was one of the first people – if not THE first person – to create […]

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  • The SDM Show Episode 273: Talking About Modern WordPress

    The SDM Show Episode 273: Talking About Modern WordPress

    Have you ever wanted to hear Tom Finley just talk about the regular WordPress stuff? Probably not — and I wouldn’t blame you – contrary to popular belief I’m actually not *that* fond of my own voice.

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