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  • WordPress Invalid JSON Error

    Recently I ran into a particular error on the production version of prufcreative.com: At first this issue seemed like a new version of the dreaded WordPress white screen of death. https://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-tutorials/how-to-fix-the-invalid-json-error-in-wordpress-beginners-guide/ However, it turns out there’s apparently a server-level rule on WPEngine sites, with Global Edge Security enabled, that prevents some Gutenberg blocks from being […]

  • WordPress Roundup, March 2022

    Aino Themes from Elma Studio One of the cooler WP FSE themes currently out there that I’ve recently comes across is Aino Blocks. Hat tip to the inimitable Nick Diego, who himself continues to be a force in the WordPress sphere. Aino is from Elma Studio and employs some serious Gutenberg magic to ensure you’re […]

  • Social Image Banners

    Have you ever wondered what these fancy things are called?☝️ There’s a pretty big deficit around a common naming convention, but most people are calling them “social banners”, “social sharing images”, “Open Graph images”, or some variation of the three. Social banners are certainly not uncommon these days, especially if you’re a frequent visitor of […]

  • WordPress Roundup, January/February 2022

    About a week or so prior to the release of WordPress 5.9, I had the privilege of participating in a recent Meetup led by the Boulder WordPress community, aptly titled “What’s coming in WordPress 5.9”. A few of the featured speakers were Abha Thakor, Brian Gardner, Birgit Pauli-Haack, and Courtney Robertson. The session focused on […]

  • Ship It Real Good

    Something that I’ve let hinder me for a number of years throughout my career is a wrong-headed perfectionism. As I’ve grown older and read more books on psychology as well as becoming more familiar with the adult ADHD community, I realize that I was preventing myself from accomplishing various goals and leaving projects half complete […]

  • Twitter Timeline Taming

    Every so often, I start a new Twitter account. No, not alts. Usually they’re for some crazy side project that I become momentarily obsessed with. Sometimes I create new Twitter accounts for my clients. Regardless, it’s never not surprising to view the timeline of an infant Twitter account in its default state. And by that […]